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Som Tum Salad (Green Papaya)

Just outside the Riverside Condos in Chiang Mai was a selection of food vendors, shops, and massage parlours. We used to buy our ready cooked BBQ whole fish from one lady with a small stand who would also give you … Continue reading

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Our decorated wooden bowl making

In the Chiang Mai night bazaar there is a family that paints mango wood lacquered bowls and plates. The design is made up of lines, dots, curves and such. We though they were very lovely and asked the man if … Continue reading

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The “Girls” at the Night Bazaar.. Cabaret !!

Every night at the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai the “Girls” parade around the market for an hour or two drumming up trade for their Cabaret which starts at 9.30 and runs until almost 11.00pm. Michiko our friend from Japan … Continue reading

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Carved soap making Chiang Mai

The beautiful carved soaps in lacquer boxes seen in Thai markets make a wonderful souvenir or gift to take home as a memoir of your trip. You would probably never use them in the shower. 🙂 The skill in making … Continue reading

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The White House Restaurant resident group plays for us

Have driven past this “place” at night for weeks now and noticed the crowds streaming in around 8-9pm. Lots of motor bikes outside, parking on the narrow street is hard to find. It is next door to the BBQ restaurant … Continue reading

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