12. Following our chance meeting

Keith and Elizabeth whom we by chance met at a food market had invited us out to dinner and picked us up at 5.30, we headed off to a part of town we had never visited. The Klang area. It is when you drive on a beautiful highway for about 40 mins at 100 klm that you realise how spread out KL is. It just goes on and on.

Eventually we arrived at a suburb (don’t ask me where) and arrived at this nondescript restaurant in the back streets. At 6.30 it was packed and we had to queue for a while then Keith managed to find a table in the back corner. We found four stools and plonked ourselves down. Keith spoke to the staff and ordered for us.  (No use me trying, the staff can’t speak English and I can’t speak Malay). 🙁

The meal arrived in various portions. A dish of stir fried noodles, then a tray of baby coss lettuce tossed in garlic, and pork belly sliced and then some large prawns arranged in a tray covered with egg custard and steamed, two big crabs that had been baked over hot coals, and a dish of deep fried squid and baby octopus. Yours truly washed it all down with two large bottles of Tiger beer and feeling completely stuffed (again) we were driven home. Mind you going out to Mid Valley Mega Mall for lunch and having a huge bowl of Laksa and Korean Rice pork chicken and vegetables didn’t help !!!!

Thank you Keith and Elizabeth.

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Wombats come from Tasmania which is the island state at the bottom end of Australia. We enjoy traveling and try to do a bit before we get too old to enjoy it anymore. We are currently both (Mr. & Mrs. Wombat) in our seventies so the time must come soon to pull up the armchairs and footstools and settle down to life on our 17 acre property 30 klm from Hobart which is the capital of Tasmania.
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