4. Lei Yue Mun fishing village.

Today being Friday seemed like a good day to go and find Lei Yue Mun fishing village. We went there twenty years ago and had some video on the laptop of that visit.

So around 10am or so we packed the laptop and headed out.  Bus / train, change twice we ended up Lei Yue Mun by 11am, (great transport system). Waited for bus to take us to fishing village. All buses are fixed fare. This one was $3.6HK each. About 300mt around the corner the driver said we were there 🙂

So we wandered (as Wombats do) over to the ramshackle group of buildings that we vaguely recognized from last time. One lane-way looked familiar so we got the laptop out and brought up the video of the lady and young girls who served us twenty years ago. The guy there instantly got excited and sent someone tearing off around the corner. Soon a couple of ladies appeared eager to see the video.

It turned out the lady was indeed the one in the video serving Jewel. The other two girls had married and left. The excitement went right around the nearby stall holders and they all wanted a look. So contact re-established we laughed and talked a while and said we would go for a walk before coming back for lunch.

So we walked through the village for an hour, a part of Hong Kong most visitors would never see. (See Video)

Returning for lunch we were encouraged to pick a fish, a couple of large scallops, some clams, a crab and some large prawns. And I do mean LARGE.

Yours truly asked to meet the chef and he let us video the kitchen (see video). Then a special table was set for us on the decking overlooking the harbour and the food started appearing one after another. The staff must have been on full alert because as soon as a wet towel was slightly soiled another appeared. The plates were changed as soon as they got slightly cluttered with shells etc. The tea cup was replaced after yours truly dropped a clam in it. And the lady of the house sat talking to us throughout the whole lunch. Luckily her English, although not good was better than our Chinese. They brought others to view the video and ooohed at a picture of Jewel holding a 4kg Atlantic salmon.

The lady had NO idea about the internet, email or other IT bits. No idea at all. But it appeared her son ran his own seafood business so cards were given with our website for him to look at. I don’t know if he ever will, but his mother was told she would be a worldwide film star (see video)

And when it came to the time for the bill we were told we would only be charged the chef’s cooking fee, all the seafood was on the house. !!!!!!!

So completely stuffed with beautifully fresh seafood we took a few more photos, promised to return in another twenty years, told the feet we would take them home and walked back to the train. Some 40 mins later we were home in our room. Much to the relief of those poor feet.

Lee Yue Mun fish market Hong Kong revisited from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

 A great lunch with the lady we met twenty two years ago

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