A fifty course lunch !!!

We thought we had eaten all there was to eat until Steven & Lynda rang us up and said “how about lunch”. They picked us up at their local station at 11.00am and headed off to an enormous shopping mall. Then into a huge Japanese influenced restaurant called “Saisaki ShoGun”.

ShoGun Restaurant KL

ShoGun Restaurant KL

The mind simply went “boggley” at the array of foods laid out in Bain Maries, and on iced benches, About six soups (including Sharks Fin, of which we highly disapprove and won’t eat on principal), fresh vegies and meats for a Korean BBQ (choose a plate full and the chef will cook it for you.) a good variety of tempura items, prawns, beautiful mushroom bundles, vegetables etc. Sushi about twenty varieties, crispy fried crabs, abalone Ebiko, squid Ebiko, beef tongue Nikomi, mornay oysters, baby octopus, fried salmon skin,  scallops, about eight varieties of fish including Norwegian salmon, crumbed pumpkin prawns, sea cucumber, chilli mussels, etc.etc.

ShoGun Restaurant KL

ShoGun Restaurant KL

The rows of Bain Maries was amazing I guess there were twenty five or more each with dishes ranging from seafood in pasta, clams, omelettes, Australian fish fillets, spicy lamb, curried snails, and many vegetables. The video will show you more however I apologise for the bad filming technique but walking around a restaurant with a video camera tends to make you stand out like dogs ****. 🙂

And the cost of this enormous feast where you can eat as much as you want (or think you want) and lasts for three hours….. Just 51 ringgit ($17.30) or if you are a senior like us then it is just 36.4 ringgit ($12.36)…. We MUST return 🙂


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