A trip into “Them Thar Hills”

Lets go for a drive up into “Them Thar hills”, Willie said to Mrs Wombat, “should take up the morning and we could be back for lunch”. So grabbed the map and headed off out of town to where the road turned off into the area of National Parks and waterfalls.

We went a few klms and saw a turn off to the right so stopped outside a little shop to ask where the road went. Much to our amazement the shop was a barbers shop. Willie had been looking for a barber for a week now around town and what a surprise, way out in the wilds there was a barber. So after getting Willie’s number three reduced to a number one and not finding out where the turn off went (no one speaks or understands English) we continued up the main road.

Past Elephant parks, orchid gardens, butterfly parks we came to a waterfall area of the national park, we paid our fee to see the ten waterfalls and drove in after being assured it did not include a lot of walking. You will  see the falls on the video. Nice but not spectacular although we only made it to number six. Too much walking for us.

Continuing on we turned off the main road up a side road and headed into the hills up a steep windy road. Well that was the start of our seven hour trip that was supposed to be about three. The map does not show the roads or villages and nobody but nobody speaks or understands English. Even pointing left and right and saying “Chiang Mai” is of no use.

So have a watch of our short video, we certainly found some farming areas where they grow vegetables on hillsides so steep we probably could not climb them.

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About Willie Wombat

Wombats come from Tasmania which is the island state at the bottom end of Australia. We enjoy traveling and try to do a bit before we get too old to enjoy it anymore. We are currently both (Mr. & Mrs. Wombat) in our seventies so the time must come soon to pull up the armchairs and footstools and settle down to life on our 17 acre property 30 klm from Hobart which is the capital of Tasmania.
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