Hoi An at night

Simply “Gob Smacked” is the term that springs to mind as you venture onto Hoi An streets at night. Coloured lanterns everywhere, lights in the trees and on buildings, soft music piped through the streets and a large area which is classified walking and cycles only. NO MOTOR BIKES!!!!!!  🙂

We wandered out (As wombats do) at 6.30 thinking we would meander a while, return for a scrub and then go back out for dinner. Well that did not work as we got so engrossed in the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvariety on the streets that time slipped away very quickly.


We found a restaurant that has a top website rating in Hoi An called “Cargo” and thought we would just have an entree and a beer (or three) then move on to another restaurant for main course. We had a table on the open top floor overlooking the narrow river and lights on the other side. What a fantastic spot !!


Cargo restaurant

Cargo restaurant


We opted for “make it yourself” Vietnamese spring rolls, the meat is on skewers and you get six rice papers into which you place the meat (without skewers) and some noodles, coriander, pineapple etc, roll up dip in a dipping sauce and eat and little pork dumplings seven of. Washed down by a beer the lot cost 222,000 Vietnamese Dong or $11.00 AU which as expected was about 40-50 percent higher than other places due to the restaurants high profile. BUT we can say “we have eaten at Cargo in Hoi An” 🙂

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More walking around, we found the Japanese Covered Bridge which Mrs Wombat wanted to do. No one is quite sure of the exact age of this bridge, but it was probably constructed in the early years of the Edo Shogunate (the early 17th century). The covered bridge, also known as the Pagoda Bridge (Chua Cau), was built by Japanese craftsmen who were part of a larger community of Japanese merchants active in Hoi-An.  


We also found a place called “The Gem Museum” which was also a restaurant and bar and they had the most spectacular display of minerals mainly from Luv Yen, North Vietnam. We will return and ask if we can take some photOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAos and let you know if we post them on here.

We stopped at another restaurant for main course but opted for a lemon meringue pie for Mrs Wombat and Willie had crumbed squid for which this town is famous due to it’s fishing industry.

So after a long night of walking, looking, eating we headed back to the hotel for a cold shower and bed…. goodnight  🙂


You will see two videos below. The first night and second night, we hope you enjoy them both and  wish you were here.  🙂


Hoi An at night. The first night.


Hoi An at night. The Second night.

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