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Psar (Market) Kandal was only a three minute walk from our hotel. We found it had lots of ladies working sewing machines and heaps of beauty salons. So we decided to thief proof my new shorts by putting velcro on the pocket edges (cost$2.00) and Mrs. Wombat got a real treat and had her hair dyed a strawberry blonde colour along with a facial massage a 2 hour indulgence  all for $15.00. Try doing that back home!!

Mrs Wombats new hair

Mrs Wombats new hair

The Kandal market has some food areas the even the Wombats would not eat at but it is a down to earth everyday market and like all markets in South East Asia has its own personality and fascination.

The video ran for 16 minutes so we split it in two for you to watch whilst having a coffee, or in Asia a cold beer. 🙂

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Here are some pictures from a couple of markets in Phnom Penh.

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Click here to go to: The Night Market. Phnom Penh.



About Willie Wombat

Wombats come from Tasmania which is the island state at the bottom end of Australia. We enjoy traveling and try to do a bit before we get too old to enjoy it anymore. We are currently both (Mr. & Mrs. Wombat) in our seventies so the time must come soon to pull up the armchairs and footstools and settle down to life on our 17 acre property 30 klm from Hobart which is the capital of Tasmania.
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