Li-Jiang river cruise

Up early and on the bus at 8.00am for a 45 minute trip to the pier to get on the boat for a four hour cruise up the Li river  weaving under the amazing limestone karsts of this beautiful area.

On arrival we remember the famous words from the Hollywood blockbuster “We are not Alone”

Hundreds of tourists filled the departure hall and waited to get on the dozens of boats moored six deep at the pier.

We are not alone

We are not alone

Once aboard we headed off down the river amongst the Armada of boats. The four hour cruise was fine with lunch being served on each of the two decks around midday.

Cooking lunch

Cooking lunch


A typical Chinese lunch in an array of bain marie’s. Soup, rice, a couple of stir fried meat and veg, deep fried eggplant, braised cabbage and a few others that I forget.

If you watch the video you can share this beautiful area with us.



Li- jiang river trip Zhujiang China from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

A 10 minute video of a four hour cruise up the Li river weaving under the amazing limestone karsts of this beautiful area.


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