Not another market!!!

One of the first things we did in Phnom Penh was to get Pang and his Tuk Tuk (He picked us up from the bus station and took us to our hotel) to take us to the Central Market, drop us off for a couple of hours and pick us up after a Dim Sum lunch.

Taxis are hard to find in Phnom Penh but the Tuk Tuks take their place. Fares are by negotiation (before you get in!!) and very reasonable about $2-4. Hire for the day is usually around $20.00

Talking of $$$ we had prepared ourselves to adapt to a change of currency from Vietnamese Dong 19,592 to the $AU to Cambodian Riel 3,704 to the $AU.

But when we went to the ATM it spat out US dollars !!! Everything here is sold in US dollars. The confusing part is when you get less than a dollar it reverts to Riel and that causes some confusion as 10c AU is 370 Riel. In fact the lower denomination notes nobody wants and you can have a wad of money that is almost worthless !

Anyway on our first day Pang dropped us at the Market, picked us up after lunch to go back to our hotel and then picked us up at 7.00pm to take us to the riverfront for maybe the best meal of our whole trip Cambodian Amok which is a beautifully spiced curry dish served in a banana leaf. Click here for recipe.

Cambodian Amok

Cambodian Amok




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