Pictures on Flickr

We have uploaded a few pictures to Flickr. On Flickr they are safe in case of a severe computer crash or worse theft.

So you might like to view the Wombat’s photostream on Flickr. When viewing the pictures click on any one to enlarge it.

If you see a location or information error please let us know so we can alter it.

BTW we have 4760 photos, 24 pages on there (At present) so a coffee would be a good idea whilst viewing 🙂


Here is a link to our Flickr photostream simply click on it

Happy viewing


About Willie Wombat

Wombats come from Tasmania which is the island state at the bottom end of Australia. We enjoy traveling and try to do a bit before we get too old to enjoy it anymore. We are currently both (Mr. & Mrs. Wombat) in our seventies so the time must come soon to pull up the armchairs and footstools and settle down to life on our 17 acre property 30 klm from Hobart which is the capital of Tasmania.
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