Som Tum Salad (Green Papaya)

Just outside the Riverside Condos in Chiang Mai was a selection of food vendors, shops, and massage parlours. We used to buy our ready cooked BBQ whole fish from one lady with a small stand who would also give you a bag of salad greens and a dressing all for around 100baht ($3.50) (cheaper than buying fresh at the market and cooking it ourselves) and buy a Som Tum salad from another stand at a cost of just 30baht. ($1.00). Check out the video below of the making of Som Tum. Then grab couple of bottles of Tiger or Singha beer and take them back to the condo for dinner.

Jewel with Michiko our friend from Japan who came and joined us for ten days enjoying a fish dinner. Singha or Tiger beer are one of the essential accompaniments to Som Tum. But a bottle of Aussie wine also goes well. 🙂

Here is a video of the guy making the salad for us. Enjoy… Try it yourself.


Wombats get a Som Tum Salad in Chiang Mai Thailand from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

Som Tum[

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