The “Girls” at the Night Bazaar.. Cabaret !!

Every night at the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai the “Girls” parade around the market for an hour or two drumming up trade for their Cabaret which starts at 9.30 and runs until almost 11.00pm.

Michiko our friend from Japan had come to Chiang Mai for a week to join us in our travels and as she had never seen such a show in her life we took her along to the performance.

The “girls” certainly put on a dynamic performance, EVERY night !!! and this show was completely different to the one we saw 6 weeks ago.

Night Bazaar Michiko, me and "Girls"

As we took a length of video we have put this one on in two parts. Be sure to watch both for the sheer fun of it. Then go and watch the previous visit by clicking here.


 Click on video to play. Click on [   ] icon to play full screen. Or go and watch all our videos on Vimeo or You Tube.

Wombats go watch The “Girls” at the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai Part 1 from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.


Wombats go and watch The “Girls” cabaret at the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai. Part 2 from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.


Click here to go to: The White House Restaurant.


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