The Terracotta Warriors

What a great day to go to see the Terracotta Warriors……….. Pouring with “bloody” rain… Damn !!!!!!!     Anyway we had booked the tour so off we went regardless. At 9.20am we joined another 14 on a small bus and off we went.

Arriving at the site, still pouring with rain, yours truly wearing only a shirt and trousers. Bought a brolly from the myriad of sellers who were pushing and shoving. ($2.50)

The guide then informed us it was a 1.5 klm walk to the excavation pits. “WHY not put the damn parking area at the entrance to the pits!!!” I ventured to ask, only to be told the standard reply “This is China”.

We walked past souvenir shops and restaurants, through check gates and finally wet and exhausted we made it to pit number three. Stupid bureaucracy move the “bloody” car park!! We did it on a 20 degrees day with rain, I would not like to do it on a 35 degrees day.

Anyway the excavation pits are all under cover but are still a good walk between each one, we were led through the three pits, starting at the least dramatic and ending at the most impressive.

Terracotta Army Xian China

Terracotta Army Xian China

Click the links to read about the site, how it was found when a farmer dug a well, he was there signing souvenir books (they said it was him), I would have thought he would have retired on the money the Chinese Government must have paid him for taking over his farm !!!!

Terracotta Army Xian China

Terracotta Army Xian China

Along with thousands of tourists mostly Chinese, we looked and photographed. Then were shown a 20 min full surround movie of the history and resurrection of The Terracotta Warriors. Check out the gallery of pictures, if you click on one it will open a slide show and bring them up larger.

After a long walk back to the car park we were escorted into a private restaurant reserved just for us (by arrangement), two tables of eight made it easy to get to know each other and find out where our fellow tourists were from. Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other parts of the globe. The lunch was good, well priced at 30 Yuan each ($5.14) for a selection of some 10 or so very nice Chinese dishes, sweet and sour chicken, scrambled egg & tomato, spiced eggplant, braised beef and veg, soup, crunchy sugar coated potatoes, rice, buns all washed down with Chinese tea. Far too much, we just couldn’t eat it all.

Back on the bus and an hour and a half later at 4.30 we were deposited at the end of the lane where our hostel was. Still pouring with rain.

We were very glad we decided to join a small tour group and not try to do it alone as I guarantee we would never have found our way there, let alone found our way around the place and back.


There is a video below. If you can’t see it (Chinese bug) please click on this link Terracotta Army and it will play on Vimeo


Terracotta Army Xian from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

We visit The Terracotta Army with a tour group on a rainy day, better enjoy walking in the rain. But The Terracotta warriors and horses are well worth seeing, rain or no.

Click on a picture to open as a slide show

Click here to go to: The Xian Night Market.


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