3. Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Mrs. Wombat looked out of the window around 9am and said “it’s going to turn out fine, let’s go to Victoria Peak today”

So off we wandered (as Wombats do) to the bus thence to the train, three changes and we were on Hong Kong Island pretty sharpish.

A walk through the idyllic park grounds to the Peak Funicular Railway. As we went to get tickets, a group of four Kiwis stopped us and said “We have four tickets over from the tour, would you like them?”:-)

So with free tickets, we boarded the car up the Peak. About half way up the clouds were all around us and at the top we were in a rainstorm. Visibility…. zero!!, too wet to go out to the observation deck. So we settled for a Big Mac, fries and coffee and cursed the weather. The only view of Hong Kong we got was from the windows on the stairs whilst heading back to the tram car.

What a disappointment, Mrs. Wombat had her heart set on seeing Hong Kong from the top of the Peak. Mr. Wombat had seen it during the 1992 GAA Conference trip while on a spouse’s day out, Mrs. Wombat was in meetings.

So what next.. A tram ride on Hong Kong’s famous trams was a good idea and we rode to Kennedy Town and back to the Star Ferry terminal where we hopped on a Star ferry and crossed over to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui).

A walk up Nathan Road seemed like a good idea but about half hour into it the feet complained bitterly that they wanted to go home. So train / bus and back to the Regal Riverside.

A nice rest before heading to the back of the hotel to the bustling Sha Tin restaurants, we found a Chinese restaurant where we were the only English speaking people there. Well, it appeared they didn’t sell beer but said you could pop out to the 7/11 and buy some. So I did along with a Chinese guy whose table we shared and both got ourselves a couple of large cans of Chinese beer. He spoke some English and we shared conversation and food with him and his wife and daughter. Dinner over, we both gave the weary bodies and aching feet a well-earned rest.. Good night. 🙂

The Peak Hong Kong But not on a cloudy day from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.


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