“Walking Street” Chiang Mai

Every Sunday night between 5pm & 11pm the streets in the centre of the moated section of Chiang Mai are shut off to traffic and the stallholders move in en mass. It is a blaze of lights, colour and sounds when the sun goes down which is usually pretty early in Thailand.

Walking street

Walking street

Stalls selling every thing from key-rings at 7 for 100 baht ($3) to beautifully crafted pewter pictures, hand bags, carved soaps in the shape of flowers, toys, souvenirs, clothes…. you want it then it is probably there. There are many food stalls selling tasty treats such as sate chicken and pork skewers, fish bites, mushrooms wrapped in ham, waffles, ice cream and so on. Most are priced at 10 – 20baht. (.30c – .60c).

There is on stage entertainment usually traditional Thai songs and dancing and many buskers doing their thing on the streets. (See the young girl in the video.)

The army stands at the end of the streets and are happy to have you stand with them for photo shoots. In fact they wanted our picture with them as we were holding a car sticker “I LUV Thai Army” which rose in Bangkok who is involved with the army gave to us. (See end of video).

We luv Thai Army

We luv Thai Army


So when you come to Chiang Mai although the are night markets all over town be sure to visit “Walking Street” in the Moat area.



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