Willie drives an LRT train in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We were thinking of hiring a car in KL but the traffic jams are horrendous and parking is nigh impossible. The network of roads is huge and it is easy to get lost. The LRT is a great way to get around in KL and miss the terrible traffic on the roads but despite an expansive network of rail systems, buses, and even a monorail, much of the city’s 7.2 million residents don’t take advantage. Only an estimated 16% of residents use public transportation, the remainder choosing to drive their own vehicles.

LRT Kuala Lumpua

LRT Kuala Lumpur

The LRT the MRT and monorail get you most places in and around the sprawling city so  Willie jumped up front on the LRT and had a “drive”. Check out his four minute drive on the video 🙂

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Wombats come from Tasmania which is the island state at the bottom end of Australia. We enjoy traveling and try to do a bit before we get too old to enjoy it anymore. We are currently both (Mr. & Mrs. Wombat) in our seventies so the time must come soon to pull up the armchairs and footstools and settle down to life on our 17 acre property 30 klm from Hobart which is the capital of Tasmania.
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